Friday, May 14, 2010

Trend Alert | Beachy Waves for Summer

The hottest look this summer will be long, beach-inspired waves. Shouldn’t your wigs and hair extensions follow the trend? Don’t be left ashore with flat hair – texture is the name of the game this season! From soft waves to a loose curl, surfer girl locks are all the rage. Amp up your style and get a polished beachy look.
Try these wigs and extensions that fit the trend perfectly:

So catch some waves this season and add a little texture to your locks. Visit to get the look!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Q&A | Styling Synthetic Hair

Q: I know I can use heat tools on human hair, but how can I style my wigs made of synthetic hair?
A: Easy – with Smart Heat curling and flat irons!

What are Smart Heat tools?
The brilliant thing about these curling irons and flat irons is that they are adjustable, depending on the texture of hair with which you’re working. There are 4 Smart Heat settings:

  • Coarse
  • Medium
  • Fine
  • Synthetic

Smart Heat is designed to maximize the beauty of all hair textures, including synthetic wigs and hair extensions. The innovative technology allows you to add curl, straighten, and style synthetic hair without damaging the fiber.
TIP: be sure to pin each curl when curling synthetic hair. After curling a section with the iron, use a bobbypin to hold it in place. Once the curl is cool, you can unpin it. This will insure that the section maintains the new curl form during styling. Remember - synthetic hair and human hair require different methods of curling.

Your options for Smart Heat tools are unlimited, from the 1 inch straightening iron to the 4 different size barrel curling irons. See for yourself on, and learn more about the innovative Smart Heat hair tools.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stay Tuned… | on Kidd Kraddick

It is Wig Week on the popular radio morning show known as Kidd Kraddick in the Morning. Happily, is sponsoring Wig Week by providing dozens of fun and crazy wigs for the personalities to wear.

Kellie Rasberry, Kidd, Big Al, Jenna, Shanon, and J-Si had a blast trying on and goofing around in costume wigs. They rocked wigs like the mullet, afros, sexy bobs, dreadlocks, and even celebrity-inspired wigs like a Tina Turner and an Elvis wig. Photos to come!

For now, get a sneak peek and watch video of Kidd Kraddick’s Wig Week on their website.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Savings Event | Last Day – 25% Off!

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Want to try new lengths? Take 25% off extensions. Been craving a new hairstyle? Take 25% off wigs. Need to add fullness on top or a simple updo piece? Take 25% off hairpieces. Plus, you even get a discount on great care products – both synthetic and human hair care collections!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Expert Tip | Customize Your Cut

Just like a designer garment, you want your wigs, hairpieces and extensions to look like they were made for you. So we say… Customize it!

TIP: Have your hairstylist trim the bangs or front fringe of your wig to fit your face. Hairpieces or extensions too blunt or bulky? Your stylist can thin or reshape them so they blend better with your own hair. These are simple and easy tricks, but those hair products will look uniquely yours.

You can wear 'off the rack' (or out of the box) and it can look good, but with a little tailoring, they can look great! For more great tips from the Wig Experts, visit here.