Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gentle by Revlon | Modern Bob Wig

Revlon brings a new and edgy twist to the bob with Gentle, part of the 2010 Spring Wig Collection.

Gentle is a modern variation on the classic bob cut. Gentle is styled with attitude – chin length, longer layers in front graduate to shorter layers and angle up the jawline. At the ear, the longer nape layers begin for a multi-dimensional cut that is sleek and fashion-forward. This wig is designed with smooth, thinned texture as well as a short rounded crown and long tapered neckline. Gentle is almost like two popular cuts in one: a shag and a bob! The pre-cut bangs are slightly longer so they can be side-swept over the eye or behind the ear, and of course you can always take the wig to your stylist and have them feather or trim the bangs straight-across.

Revlon designed Gentle with a full monofilament top, so the hair looks natural where it is parted. The monofilament feature offers comfort, natural body and movement, and the ability to change the part of the wig. The rest of the cap construction is open-wefted for breathable and lightweight wear. The bob cut just got even sexier!

For more information on Gentle or to buy the wig now, visit here. You can also watch video on our YouTube channel. Check back tomorrow for another great style from Revlon’s New 2010 Spring Collection.

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