Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wigs on Screen | Bryce Dallas Howard in Twilight Eclipse

The new Twilight movie Eclipse premiers this week (sound of cheering girls) and we got some juicy details!...

The vampiress Victoria, who was originally played by actress Rachelle Lefevre...

... will now be played by actress Bryce Dallas Howard:

You may know Bryce as director Ron Howard's daughter, but she was also in movies such as M. Night Shaymalan's The Village and Lady in the Water. The Victoria character has long reddish waves in her hair, but actually looks similar to Bryce in the face. However, Bryce stated that - before she knew she got the part - she had dyed her shorter hair dark. To play the perfect Victoria, she would need to wear a wig!

For the role of Victoria, Bryce wore a gorgeous and long, red curly wig. Because Bryce's hair is naturally wavy, thick, and an orange-red color, the wig was totally believable on her.

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