Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wigs in Fashion | Kim Kardashian as a Blonde Barbie

Australian Kurv Magazine has the gorgeous Kim Kardashian gracing the latest issue’s cover and featured in an editorial. But she isn't playing 'Kim'... she's playing Barbie! The entire issue is devoted to all things Barbie - apparently she's even the guest editor!

"But Kim is not usually a blonde," you say. Many of her gorgeous looks were achieved using beautiful blonde wigs and extensions. She even dyed her raven-dark hair for the shoot! Kim is looking fierce as a modern and high fashion interpretation of Barbie. Some photos even have her posing with a very muscular Ken. 

Tony Duran - the photographer - said of the Barbie shoot, “What Barbie represents to me is a sort of a timeline of women in American history all packaged up in a bit over the top-almost unachievable figure. A bit of Jessica rabbit does the history channel! In my mind, Barbie is at best a blonde. So when the outrageously curvy Kim Kardashian called and said she was going blonde for the week, it was game on.”

 We agree, Tony. Kim was a great choice. Could this be the best she has ever looked? We think so!

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